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2020 XMIE closed successfully, restarting the new journey of

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Under the severe test of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the 2020 Xiamen Industrial Exposition (XMIE) and the 24th China Xiamen Machinery and Electronics Exhibition (CXMEE)(Hereinafter referred to as "XMIE"), the first exhibition of Xiamen Industry and the first exhibition of mainland China in Taiwan, successfully concluded at the Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center on the afternoon of July 12. Overcoming the adverse effects brought about by the epidemic, 2020 XMIE was not afraid of hardships, but bravely carried out its mission, carefully planned and pushed forward with all its strength. The exhibition focused on intelligent manufacturing, and built a professional platform for the display of intelligent manufacturing products and solutions on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, interpretation of industry development trends, sharing of experience and technology, cooperation of industry matching; to implement the government's plan that make a big push to ensure six prioritiesand stability in six areas for steady economic momentum, it built a bridge for enterprises to resume production and trade; it has injected strong impetus into the development of manufacturing industries and the revitalization of market confidence on both sides of the Taiwan Straits. The 2020 XMIE has achieved positive results: the exhibition scale is 60,000 square meters, attracting more than 600 electro-mechanical enterprises from both sides of the Taiwan Straits; about 23,175 professional merchants participated in the meeting to find business opportunities; 54 guests participated in various forum activities share their insights, while 3047 listeners listen to the scene. During the exhibition, both sales and purchases were booming. More than 80% of the exhibitors received contract orders or intention orders. Individual exhibitors expressed that the effectiveness of the exhibition exceeded their expectations. Such various phenomena highlight the confidence and determination of the industrial industry after the epidemic.

1. The first industrial exhibition gathered plentiful excellent products.

2020 XMIE is the first industrial exhibition held in Xiamen after the epidemic, which is of great significance for restarting the Xiamen industrial exhibition market. In response to the trend of industrial development, the fair mainly set up nine professional exhibition areas, including Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition, Tools, Moulds, Materials and Functional Devices Exhibit, Rubber Industry Machinery Exhibit, Machine Tools and Laser Gear Equipment Exhibit, Taiwan Products Exhibit, Printing, Packaging and Advertising Equipment Exhibition, Environmental Protection and Fluid Machinery Exhibition, Rail Transit and Intelligent Logistics Exhibition, and China International Water Show, showing the most representative intelligent manufacturing products on both sides of the Taiwan Strait.

This year, many "hardcore fans" have overcome the impact of the epidemic and actively participated in the exhibition to look for business opportunities. Foshan Beyond Laser Technology Co.,Ltd., Han's Laser Technology Industry Group Co.,Ltd., Penta-Chutian Laser (Wuhan) Co.,Ltd., Nan Xia Machinery Xiamen Co.,Ltd., Beijing Jingdiao Group Co., Ltd., Yamazaki Mazak Corporation, Xiamen Songxing Machine Co.,Ltd., Ecom Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd., Taiwan Takisawa Technology Co.,Ltd., Takam Machinery Co., Ltd., Xiamen East Asia Machinery Industrial Co.,Ltd., Xiamen NGMA International Trade Co., Ltd., Kato Sce (Xiamen) Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd., Dongguan Alfa Automation Technology Limited and other exhibitors continued to participate in the exhibition on a large scale this year. It fully embodies the brand charm, exhibition benefits and industry guidance of Xiamen Industrial Exposition as "the first electro-mechanical exhibition on both sides of the Taiwan Strait", giving prominence to the industrial driving effect.

It is particularly worth mentioning that the intelligent manufacturing exhibition area has attracted 135 brand enterprises to participate in the exhibition, focusing on the display of high-tech products and cutting-edge technologies such as industrial robots, automatic control products, industrial computers and systems, automatic image measuring instruments, etc. Yamazaki Mazak Corporation, GORBEL of the United States, NSK of Japan, SUMINO KOGYOof Japan, OPTIBELT of Germany, ZF of Germany, FIBRO of Germany, Vinston, Takam, Panasonic, FUJINON and other well-known enterprises in Taiwan, such as HIWIN Technologies Corp., Ecom Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd. and FEGSON of Taiwan, as well as well known enterprises like Hikvision and Tenglong, etc., made a wonderful appearance with the latest products, technologies and solutions. The rail transit and intelligent logistics exhibition area focuses on the latest achievements of rail transit construction and intelligent logistics under the background of "new infrastructure": intelligent logistics equipment such as automated warehouse solution, AGV (unmanned carrier), automatic handling system, intelligent road, transportation cloud service, rail transit operation system, intelligent engineering machinery, etc. Xiamen rail transit Group Co., Ltd, Kehua Hengsheng Co., Ltd., Xiamen R&B Sunstone Co., Ltd., Xiamen Topstar Lighting Co.,Ltd., Zhongjun Intelligent Electrical Technology Co., Ltd., Xiamen NGMA International Trade Co., Ltd., Kato Sce (Xiamen) Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd., Xiamen LHC Large Transport Co., Ltd., Xiamen Hongyan Steyr Trading Co., Ltd., Xiamen Luckyroc Storage Equipment Manufacture Co.,Ltd. and other enterprises participated in the exhibition. The printing, packaging and advertising equipment exhibition area covered digital ink-jet printing, printing and packaging equipment, printing and packaging finished products, ink-jet engraving equipment, exhibition system, software and other supporting equipment technology. The exhibits cover the upstream and downstream industries and realize "one-stop" procurement. HP, Canon, Wutoh, Konica Minolta, Koenig & Bauer, Heidelberg, Komori, Epson, Acer and other international well-known brands showed the latest equipment and technology on site.

The international water show was introduced for the first time this year, with an exhibition area of more than 4000 square meters, gathering well-known brands such as Zoeller, Xylem, Nachuan, Angel and 3M. The double card leak proof pipe, vitacarbon series products, phosphorus containing waste water bird excrement sulfide crystallization recovery technology, etc. were highly concerned. Relevant meetings and special project docking activities were held to create more opportunities for the exchange and cooperation of aquaculture industry.

2. A large number of business transactions highlight the confidence of the industry development

This year, the organizing committee has organically integrated the display of exhibition with the docking and negotiation of project, targeted to invite professional merchants, build a convenient bridge for negotiation and cooperation, and strive to build an optimized and high-quality platform for in-depth integration of exhibition and negotiation. Under the active invitation, organization and guidance of the organizing committee, a large number of professional merchants overcame the trouble of epidemic situation and entered the exhibition hall to seek business opportunities for cooperation. According to incomplete statistics, the amount of on-site transactions and intended orders of 2020 XMIE is about 161 million yuan. Among them, some enterprises like Foshan Beyond Laser Technology Co.,Ltd. And Taixin Nc Technology Co.,Ltd. won the first prize and achieved great success: the contract amount of on-site transaction was more than 3 million yuan and the intended amount was 6 million yuan. In addition, Zhangzhou Jugang Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd., Tiechen (Xiamen) Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd, Delidong Precision Equipment Co., Ltd. and other enterprises also won nearly one million yuan of on-site sales contracts. It is more common for exhibitors to obtain intention orders, such as Guangdong Bo Langte Intelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd.'s intention amount of 10 million yuan, and nearly 5 million yuan of intention contract orders have been obtained by Zhangzhou Jugang Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd., Taiwan Takisawa Technology Co.,Ltd., Xiamen NGMA International Trade Co., Ltd., Nan Xia Machinery Xiamen Co.,Ltd., Han's Laser Technology Industry Group Co.,Ltd., and Xiamen xinshengyu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.; in addition, Baoyu Machinery Co., Ltd, Tiechen (Xiamen) Electromechanical Equipment Co., Foshan Goszs CNC Equipment Co.,Ltd., Xiamen Songxing Machine Co., Ltd., Xiamen Kunbang Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd., Fujian Bangdeng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., Xiamen Zhanhongtu Industry and Trade Co., Ltd, Ecom Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd., Dapeng Laser Technology Ltd., Xingyuanjia Automation Machinery Co., Ltd, Dongguan Longyou Hardware Machines Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Foshan Genhao Technology Co.,Ltd., Xiamen Qianlima Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., Anhui Donghai Machine Tool Make Co.,Ltd., Delidong Precision equipment Co., Ltd. and many other exhibitors have received the intention order of more than 1 million yuan.

3. Focus on hot issues and focus on intellectually manufacture.

The 2020 Xiamen Industrial Exposition focused on hot topics of related professional technologies and fields such as new infrastructure, cross-strait economic and trade, industrial cooperation, printing and packaging, and water environment development. It planned and held more than 10 events, including various forums, seminars, and product briefings. The scene responded enthusiastically.

As a fixed brand forum and important event of the 2020 Xiamen Industrial Exposition, the 2020 Cross-Straits Economic and Trading Forum takes the theme of "new infrastructure, new intelligence, empowers the new era of smart manufacturing" together with well-known experts and scholars from both sides of the strait, and corporate elites. Combine the following forms to discuss industry development in the post-epidemic era. Guests such as Chen Shiqing, member of the National Academy of Engineering, Xu Guansheng, chairman of the Taiwan Artificial Intelligence Development Association, and Dr. Xinwang, president of Chinese think tank Research Institute, delivered speeches on the spot. Zhan Huosheng, chairman of the Taiwan Cross-Straits Common Market Foundation, made a special video speech in hopes of win-win economic and trade cooperation between the two sides of the strait; in addition, representatives of leading companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Huawei, Ali and other leading enterprises around the theme of industrial artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, cloud technology, etc. Technology sharing to jointly identify industry trends.

In addition, the 2020 China (Xiamen) Smart Logistics Industry Development Forum has attracted nearly 300 manufacturers, trade, logistics, and supply chain companies from all over the country, as well as nearly 300 smart logistics technology, equipment suppliers, financial institutions, universities, and scientific research units guests attended the meeting. At the forum, the "Southeast Supply Chain Warehouse and Distribution Alliance" was officially launched. The alliance was initiated by the Xiamen Logistics Association of the 5A community, the Xiamen Logistics and Supply Chain Society and the China (Xiamen) Supply Chain Science and Technology Innovation Center. It will involve smart logistics industry/park design, investment promotion and operation integration in Xiamen and the Southeast ecological chain.

4. Cross-strait work together to create a better future.

The 2020 Xiamen Industrial Exposition brings together the advantages of cross-strait industry and joins hands with related companies to enjoy new opportunities for future development. The International Water Exhibition Zone supported activities such as the 2020 Silk Road Water Environment Development Conference, the 2020 Chemical Chemical Water Treatment Summit Forum, and the 2020 National Printing and Dyeing Industry Industrial Waste Water Treatment New Technologies and New Process Advanced Seminar. Experts and scholars from related fields at home and abroad gathered together to carry out exchanges and discussions on the theme of "long-term, sustainable and effective development of the water environment", and jointly promote the legislation of water environment along the "Belt and Road", marine aquaculture, drinking water safety and smart innovative technologies high-quality development in other fields. In addition, the organizing committee also held activities such as the release conference of the new product of Lagos CNC equipment in Foshan, the release conference of KBA printing 4.0, the briefing on the development status and development trend of the automation of sheet metal industry, and built the latest technology and industry information for related companies on both sides of the strait. An efficient platform for publishing.

5. Carefully prevent epidemic and escort the exhibition.

During the preparation and holding of The 2020 Xiamen Industrial Exposition, the organizing committee implements the spirit of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on coordinating the promotion of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development decision-making and deployment. In strict accordance with the requirements of the public security and health departments, the "2020 Xiamen Industrial Exposition" was formulated. The epidemic prevention and control guarantee plan established an epidemic joint prevention and control mechanism and a grid-based management and control mechanism for the entire hall, optimized exhibition management and services, made every effort to do a good job in the prevention and control of the exhibition, fully assumed the responsibility of the main body of the exhibition, and ensured the safe and smooth exhibition. The first is to improve the relevant work processes of exhibitor registration, on-site management, epidemic prevention and killing, emergency response, etc.; the second is to conduct multiple screening and strict management of the visitors. The third is to do a good job of propaganda and guidance for the exhibitors to cooperate with epidemic prevention and control; the fourth is to provide security services for the exhibition from several aspects such as environmental prevention and control, personnel management, inspection management, catering management, garbage disposal, emergency disposal, etc. to ensure the safety of the exhibition smoothly.

For the first time as the operating unit of the Xiamen Industry Fair, Xiamen ITG MICE Group Co., Ltd. actively overcomes the adverse effects of the epidemic. Taking the "quality exhibition, MICE creation" as its belief in organizing exhibitions, it improves quality and efficiency, innovates models and optimizes processes to ensure the smooth holding of the exhibition. Optimize the process for merchants to apply for licenses. In addition to applying for licenses in advance, merchants can make online appointments for license application through the MICEWechat applet .The merchant fills in the registration information, and can carry the ID card at the scene to verify the card in the merchant reporting center, which reduces the time for certificate processing, improves the effectiveness of the service, and is well received by the merchant; the small program simultaneously provides electronic maps of the exhibition area, traffic navigation, event inquiries, and previous reviews Various service modes provide immersive and intelligent interactive experience and guidance services for customers through humanized interactive design, which greatly enhances the participation and favorability of visitors. In addition, the important forum of this year's Xiamen Industry Exposition combines online live broadcast, graphic live broadcast and other forms to provide comprehensive and refined content services for merchants and guests, greatly improving the effect of merchants' participation and communication.

This year's Xiamen Industry Exposition has received voices from Xinhua News Agency, China News Service, China Daily, Economic Daily, Hong Kong official report, Hong Kong Commercial Daily, Fujian Daily, Xiamen Daily, Fujian TV, Xiamen TV, Central People's Broadcasting Station, Strait Voice Radio stations, People's Daily Online, Hello Taiwan, Southeast Network, Taiwan Sina, Tencent, Sohu, NetEase and other media have received extensive attention and positive reports. It has created a strong momentum for the wonderful appearance of the 2020 Xiamen Industrial Exposition and further expanded the popularity and influence of the conference.

Only when the sea flows, can we show the true character of a hero. 

The 2020 Xiamen Industrial Exposition shoulders heavy responsibilities and shoulders its mission. It seeks a new situation in the face of changing circumstances and gains strength in the momentum; it has opened a new journey of cross-strait economic and trade cooperation in the post-epidemic era, and has written the cross-strait manufacturing industry to work together A brilliant poem for development; in the future, the 2020 Xiamen Industrial Exposition will play a new chapter in cross-strait manufacturing and even Southeast Asian industrial exchanges and cooperation!

The 2021 Xiamen Industrial Exposition and the 24th China Xiamen Machinery and Electronics Exhibition Cross-Strait Machinery and Electronic Commodities Fair, Xiamen will meet again with you in April next year.

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