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The Straits Intelligent Science and Technology Research Institute is located in Xiamen, aiming to build an AI ecological platform, which is expected to be unveiled at the end of this month.

2020-07-11 16:56:00 Source: News Center


    As the brand forum and one of the important activities of 2020 Xiamen Industry Exposition, 2020 Cross-Straits Economy and Trade Forum was held in Xiamen yesterday. Many experts and scholars from both sides of the Taiwan Straits are optimistic about the development of Xiamen's intelligent industry, and think that the future can be expected. The Cross-strait Intelligent Science and Technology Research Institute jointly built by the artificial intelligence industries of both sides has settled in Xiamen.

    During the COVID-19 epidemic, 5G technology and artificial intelligence played an important role in the face of epidemic prevention and control demands. In the process of resuming work and production, cloud computing enables online education and online office, and industrial Internet helps manufacturing enterprises transform and upgrade. Faced with the impact of the epidemic, new infrastructure has stepped forward to support the development of industrial space and the surging economic momentum.The theme of the 2020 Cross-strait Economic and Trade Forum is "New Infrastructure·New Intelligence enabling New Era of Intelligent Manufacturing". Many industry experts, outstanding enterprises and industry associations on both sides of the Taiwan Straits held keynote speeches and exchange discussions centering on industrial artificial intelligence, industrial Internet and cloud technology, contributing their wisdom to the high-quality development of the cross-strait intelligent manufacturing industry.

    In the opinion of Zhang Kelin, executive vice president of China Machinery Industry Federation, in recent years, Taiwan machinery industry complies with the development trend of the world's manufacturing industry, and has made remarkable achievements in the practice of adhering to scientific and technological innovation and cultivating specialized, refined, special and new backbone enterprises, which has many points of convergence with the mainland machinery industry." As a new engine for the development of manufacturing industry, intelligent manufacturing will bring more development opportunities to the cross-strait machinery industry and create more convergence points for discussion, exchange and cooperation."

    Many experts at the meeting were optimistic about the prospect of Xiamen's intelligent industry, and believed that Xiamen has initially possessed many advantages in building a new generation of intelligent Silicon Valley and a model of global artificial intelligence city. For example, there are nearly 200 intelligent industry-related enterprises in Xiamen. The scale of digital economy accounts for 41% of Fujian province. The industrial scale is expected to reach 50 billion yuan this year. In the newly released 2019 Top 100 Of China's artificial intelligence companies, a number of companies from Xiamen are listed, with the city leading the country in image perception, face recognition technology, intelligent voice technology, data security and other fields.

    Taiwan, chairman of the association for the advancement of artificial intelligence Xu Guansheng revealed that due to the recent opening of straits wisdom of science and technology research institute, is by the society and industry association of artificial intelligence in Xiamen, Xiamen city science and technology exchange center to build, and many well-known enterprises in Xiamen, colleges and universities reached a preliminary cooperation intention, aimed at technology exchanges on both sides of the hand in hand to build artificial intelligence, talent, technology, bridge, building artificial intelligence technology to communicate with the entity industry applications of Bridges, eventually make AI (artificial intelligence) ecological platform, through artificial intelligence can assign for the enterprise.

    Chen Shiqing, the member of the American Academy of Engineering, said artificial intelligence cannot be made without human brains:

    Yesterday at the cross-strait economic and trade on the BBS, the American academy of engineering, the world super computer scientist Chen Shiqing is the first speaker, gray-haired he quipped: "although I am 76 years old this year, but my brain age is only 36 years old, my innovation ability with me now at the age of 36, and even more so."

    Chen Shiqing would like to stress that the human brain is the best gift from God to us, its innovation ability is invincible, not AI can match." AI can't exist independently, can't throw the human brain, only do the AI is not enough, we must play the functions of the human brain innovation, match, AI, comprehensive utilization of the human brain speed and complexity of innovation and AI, is the brain machine integration, man-machine integration, so as to become a valuable artificial intelligence, can be applied to the actual scenario."

    There are many application scenarios, such as intelligent medical treatment, intelligent education, intelligent agriculture, intelligent transportation, intelligent security, intelligent finance, intelligent environment, intelligent energy, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent culture and innovation, etc. In Chen Shiqing's opinion, artificial intelligence is only valuable when it is applied to practical scenes."The 5G era brings us very good opportunities. At present, artificial intelligence needs to solve two key problems, one is to accelerate the development of cutting-edge application scenarios, and the other is to cultivate talents."

    "The brain is the best thing God has created for us, but if we don't take care of it, a lot of health problems start with the brain.The application scenario of artificial intelligence and brain science is to first solve human health problems. Through brain machine signals and brain science, we can know what a person is thinking and whether he or she is likely to suffer from depression or alzheimer's disease, so as to targeted treatment."

    Another example is intelligent education. Chen predicts a future in which everyone is born with a third brain of their own, an extension of their own brain known as artificial intelligence. Test your child from birth to see if he or she has natural expertise in art, science, acting, etc.In the future study, you learn, it also learn;You forget, it does not forget; If you miss something, it helps you review it.When you are old, it is not old;When you're gone, it's still there.Your mind stays with you, and only the person you give permission to bring it out.

    This prediction is a bit like science fiction.Chen thinks it can be done, and even thinks that brain science and AI enabling education can save a lot of time, so that a person can finish a PhD and an internship by the age of 20, and become a highly productive scientific talent."This technological approach will fully release China's second demographic dividend."

    However, Chen is very serious about one thing: the application of artifiaial intelligence, not just to make money, but to make all the people at the bottom can benefit, solve the universal problems of humanity, and benefit the masses.

    Sun Qimin said that through the Internet big data technology, many enterprises have switched their contract orders from offline to online, and some intelligent manufacturing enterprises in Zhuhai have also switched to mask machine production, making up for the previous losses. The epidemic has accelerated the transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprises, brought about new forms and models, and brought new development opportunities to enterprises.At present, in order to promote the transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises, relieve their pressure during the period of reform, the Municipal Intelligent manufacturing Industry Association is establishing a collaborative development platform, with large enterprises to drive small enterprises, promote professional division of labor and cooperation, so as to promote the development of the city's entire industry.


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