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New Infrastructure & New Intelligence, Powering Intelligent ——2020 Cross-Straits Economy and Trade Forum opening

2020-07-10 00:43:00 Source: News center


On July 9th, 2020 XMIE’s main forum “2020 Cross-Straits Economy and Trade Forum” is held in the Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center(XICEC). 

 This forum is conducted jointly by Cross-Straits Economy Trade Exchange Association, Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Industry and Informatization, and Xiamen Commerce Bureau(Convention and Exhibition Bureau), and is undertaken together by Xiamen Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Association and Xiamen ITG MICE Group Co., Ltd.

The theme of this forum is “New Infrastructure & New Intelligence, Powering Intelligent Manufacture of New Era”. Keynote speeches are spread around industrial artificial intelligence, industry internet and cloud technology. Cross-Straits related industry academic experts, government agencies, excellent enterprises and industry associations are invited to have joint discussions. The forum is divided to 2 parts--industrial artificial intelligence session in the morning, and industry internet and cloud technology sessions in the afternoon. 

National Academy of Engineering ,the dean of the third brain academy, the dean of the Sichuan Jincheng Artificial Intelligence college, the chief Scientist Institute of Brain and Cognitive Sciences from Tsinghua University,  academician Steve Chen Keynote speech on "Comprehensive 5GBrain ScienceAI and  Intelligent Supercomputing Cloud Platform Construction, Accelerating R&D Frontier Application Scenarios and Talent Training

     Researcher of Beijing Industrial University, Private Economy Research Center, Zhejiang University, Yangtze River Delta Research Center, Nanjing University, Counselor of Management College, Zhejiang University, Dr. Xin Wang makes topic speech of "Dual Circulation, New Infrastructure, New Industry

Cross-Straits Economy and Trade Forum is one key event and brand of the Xiamen Industrial Exposition and China Xiamen Machinery and Electronics Exhibition. This forum has successfully been held for 14 sessions.It has become the fixed platform for cross-straits economical trade and communication, the communication platform for discussing the development trend of cross-straits economy and trade and the authority platform for publishing policy information about cross-straits industry. This forum is to produce profound and positive influence on deepening the cross-straits communication and cooperation and proceeding the development of cross-straits trade relationships.

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