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Focus on XMIE: Xiamen Water Purification Brand Manufacturing Never Surpassed

2019-04-15 08:03:00 Source: News Center


In the expo, the general manager of Fujian Bangdeng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. and the president of Xiamen Water and Air Purification Association, Wu Shanyuan, said that there are nearly 5,000 water purification brands on the market today, but only 200 are in compliance with national standards. Among them, Xiamen's water purification enterprises hold high rank both nationally and globally.

Under the guidance of Xiamen Water and Air Purification Association, 15 leading enterprises participated in the exhibition; "Fluid exhibition" area attracted a lot of people's attention.

"We also want to have some interaction with mechanical manufacturing companies in other industries. Li Xinmin, a senior adviser to the Xiamen Water and Air Purification Association, said that some of the technologies for water and air purification had something in common with other mechanical manufacturing, and that the exhibition had been rewarding through a number of cross-border exchanges.

The 15 enterprises participating in the fluid exhibition, have imported, domestic, large-scale equipment and various types of water purification filtration products for families.

"This year is the first time we participate in the expo. I believe that there will be more enterprises involved in the future. The flow exhibition calls for more enterprises to work together and to challenge higher goals," Wang said.

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