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Lazy People’s Welfare! Inventions Shown in XMIE for Convenience

2019-04-15 07:43:00 Source: News Center


This year's Xiamen Industry Exhibition, not only boasts sophisticated automatic and intelligent production equipment, but also has inventions that meet people's daily needs.

Changing garbage bags, for some people, is a nuisance. In this year's exhibition, an enterprise devoted to solving the problem of "changing garbage bags", released an intelligent garbage box. Due to its intelligent photoelectric sensors, the intelligent garbage box can accurately capture your action, you can drop rubbish without the need to bend over. If you press a button for 3 seconds, it can automatically change a new garbage bag for you. 

Zhu Yu: “The most striking feature of our smart trash boxes is one-click packaging. We a number of international and domestic exclusive patents, and our products sell well,” said an employee of Shanghai Townew Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.


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