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2017 XMIE Has its Grand Opening; Don’t Miss the Exclusive Interview of Masters

2017-04-14 16:54:00 Source: News Center


          Subtitle: Focus on Intelligence Manufacturing, Gathers Masters of this Field in Xiamen

         2017 XMIE and the 21th CXMEE had its grand opening on April 4th in the Xiamen International Exhibition Center.

         The focus of this year’s XMIE is intelligence manufacturing, attracting high and new technology and robots of state-of-the-art in this field to show up in the exhibition. When 2017 across straits Economic and Trade Forum kicks off, the sponsor of XMIE, joining hands with medias including Tencent and Sina, making an exclusive interview of important guests present. In terms of topic of intelligence manufacturing, how do Chen Qihao, vice president of China Association and Sun Changming, president of FICA, interpret it?

         2017 XMIE Has its Grand Opening; Don’t Miss the Exclusive Interview of Masters


          Left, Sun Changming, right, Chen Qihao

  What do you think is the nature of intelligence manufacturing?

         Chen Qihao: Intelligence is the direction of today’s industry tendency. I think the core of intelligence manufacturing lies in human development history, from depending on energy to expand physical capacity, depending on industry and machinery to stretch limbs and depending on computer to enhance the function of brain, to relying on intelligence manufacturing to support our physical capacity, our limbs and our brain, welcoming the new era of intelligence manufacturing. Therefore, in some sense, intelligence manufacturing is another turn of productivity revolution and the nature of intelligence manufacturing is obvious. The topic of XMIE, namely intelligence manufacturing, is initiative and accurate, which also meet the demands of “new moral economy”. In some sense, supply-side reform must focus on intelligence manufacturing to improve effect in the long run, to upgrade industry quality and to provide strong momentum on the next 30 years’ rapid economic development. That is what I think the nature of intelligence manufacturing.

         What are the enlightenments that are taken from the intelligence manufacturing tendency’s effect on China’s industry transformation and upgrading?

         Chen Qihao: From the perspective of a developing country, just as what Marx said, today’s developed countries may be tomorrow’s undeveloped countries. It shows in our development history of more than 3 decades that, the studies and track of a series of economic and social changes in developed countries will inspire China’s on the way to becoming the next developed country.

         In today’s situation, there are a few tendencies in the developed countries such as America, Europe and Japan: the first international trend is their combination with characteristic town. For example, we know there is a Silicon Valley in America, and people actually live in this town; there is also a town in German and a toy town of LEGO in Denmark. All the developments of industry are combined with the development of those characteristic towns, resulting in the reallocation of the resources. Now productivity is combined with life and ecology and the combination of these three factors indicates that our society is moving forward to a higher level of history. I think this is a big trend and it provides good reference to the development of intelligence manufacturing.

         Second, although the development of China’s industrial parks has achieved great improvement, with the extension of its number reaching the peak, just as Hawking said, if the development model of China doesn’t change and spreads all over the world, the earth will be destroyed, because the entironment can’t bear it. Therefore in the following development, industrial parks will face two transformation reforms, and according to my observation, the industrial parks account for one third of China’s total GDP, with one third of it is created by state-owned monopolies and the rest, private enterprises. We must focus on the following two reforms and two upgrading of industrial parks, which will offers important opportunities to the further establishment of carriers and platforms.

         What are the difficulties the intelligence manufacturing facing right now?

         Chen Qihao: Many private small and medium-sized enterprises are rich in innovation thoughts and momentum, but they have the low starting points, meaning they lack resource integration capabilities of capital and talents. So only if we make analysis upon the obstacles that those enterprises face in innovation, will the prevailing original spirit of small and medium-sized enterprises in developed countries reflects on our country. Secondly, there are many problems in the two reforms of industrial parks, among which the major problem is the homogeneous competition among those 6000 sizable industrial parks over the whole nation with dispersed resource allocation. In order to respect the original spirit of the small and medium-sized enterprises, we hope the government, associations and enterprises work as a trinity to create opportunities and platforms for them. We also hope that the government can support the development of several leading enterprises and let them to lead the way for others. At the same time, we hope that the two reforms of industrial parks can provide new carriers and platforms for the small and medium-sized enterprises’ entering into the field of intelligence development. The intelligence manufacturing exhibition of XMIE will play a role in leading the next round of development of China’s economy, which is valuable and meaningful.

         Which two reforms are you referring to?

         Sun Changming: The development of the past 3 decades were characterized by mainly relying on the expansion of number, mainly relying on the primary commodity and mainly relying on low technology content product. Now that the low technology products run into the bottleneck, we must create a new platform and raise the starting point. I believe that, in terms of the system, the development of industrial parks can’t rely on the support of government, it needs to mobilize social resources and gain its momentum, reaching the best allocation. Secondly, I think the government should support leading enterprises that have the leading function in the whole industry chain. With their great influence, they can boost the development of other enterprises, contributing to new productivity through integration. Thirdly, if the economic development of platform can have effect on the innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises, then its vitality is great.

         What are the current situation and the direction of Fujian Province, in the field of intelligence manufacturing?

         Sun Changming: In the field of intelligence manufacturing, there are three economic belt including Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and circum-Bohai-Sea. It is obvious to all that Shenzhen is positioned in the middle of intelligence manufacturing field all over the world, as for Fujian, whose industry is focused on equipment manufacturing industry. That is to say, from the perspective of FICA and CIC, when Fujian is in the process of transformation and upgrading, it should emphasize on the part of intelligence manufacturing and talents cultivating in new era. Meanwhile, FICA cultivates interdisciplinary talents of high-end manufacturing and intelligence manufacturing, with the help of Taiwan Industry Study Association. Through FICA’s cultivation and with the help of Taiwan, interdisciplinary talents can be cultivated and transport to the whole country.

         Fujian’s talent cultivation and education has always in the forefront of the whole country. Allowing for Fujian’s geographical location, it can integrate the sources from both sides of Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta. And there are many business opportunities lie in the cooperation across strait, as far as I am concerned. Fujian has the favorable climate, geographical and human conditions in this perspective.

         As for the popularization of intelligence manufacturing, what is your opinion?

         Chen Qihao: currently we are planning the first session of unmanned system contest, hoping through the platform of some big events and activities, some high-end products, programs and robots of intelligence manufacturing can be selected out. On the next stage of intelligence manufacturing, coastal region should be in the forefront of the whole country, making use of the covering of those products.

         Through the narrates of these two masters, I believe we have a deeper understanding about the word “intelligence manufacturing” and I also believe that intelligence manufacturing industry of our country is going better and better.
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