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2017 XMIE Held The First Xiamen Intelligent Manufacturing Expo

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April 13, 2017 – In order to further develop the industrial transformation and upgrading, 2017 Xiamen Intelligent Manufacturing Expo stroke a pose on April, 12 in A3, XICEC during the 2017 XMIE. Sponsored by Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Economic and Information Technology, and organized by Xiamen Intelligent Manufacturing Association and Xiamen Speed Business Co., LTD, this year’s  Xiamen Intelligent Manufacturing Expo attracts over 200 enterprises and has more than 500 booths and nearly 12,000m2 area. Together with 2017 XMIE and 2017 Xiamen International Advertising Technology and LED & Printing and Packaging Expo, the overall exhibition area reaches 85,000m2 with 4000 booths.

The Expo aims at leading the direction of intelligent manufacturing market, pushing the intelligent transformation of manufacture and upgrading the industry. The range of exhibits covers the whole industry chain of intelligent manufacturing and they support  the Expo in all directions and mainly through six respects, including robot machine assembly, automation and intelligent monitoring component, the system and service of robot software, electronic and measuring equipment, flat panel display and touch technology, 3D printing and VR. Visitors from all over the world gather together in Expo. More than a hundred famous automation brands and leading enterprises at home and abroad exhibit robots, 3D printing system, automation solution and other newest equipment and technology. The exhibitors includes ABB, FANUC, Panasonic, OTC, NACHI, Siert, Mingxin, Vibot, GSK and Muxun Technology.

The Expo keeps concentrating on the theme of “Intelligent manufacturing, industry connectivity”, and held the 2017 Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Development Forum at the same period. The forum was hosted in the Conference Room in XICEC in the afternoon, April 13 and was presided by Xu Haiming, secretary general of Xiamen Intelligent Manufacturing Association. On the forum, Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Economic and Information Technology read out the Xiamen 13th Five-Year Plan and Support Policy for intelligent manufacturing, and experts from intelligent manufacturing industry were invited to give lectures on the all-rounded interpretation of intelligent manufacturing. Wang Xinsheng, CDO of process and operating management in Siemens(China) Corporate Technology gave a speech titled  “Industry 4.0 And The Revolution And Future Of Corporation ”. Another guest, Liu Yuhang, expert of Big Data in Ali Cloud introduced the topic of “Big Data Assists On Industry 4.0”. Zhu Danlei, CEO of OPTiKom and visiting professor of Xiamen University made speech on “Intelligent Cloud Platform In Industry: Based On The APC Technology ”. For the enterprises, the lecturers shared the experience of how to apply intelligent manufacturing to industry transformation and upgrading. Meahwhile, their speeches  provided policy instructions and technology supports on the shift from manufacturing to intelligent manufacture. Besides, there are another two exposition: Industrial Intelligent Selection-S600 Electrostatic Powder Spray Gun System and Industrial Robot (Intelligent Manufacturing) Vocational Education Seminar.

Furthermore, a platform for university-enterprise collaboration and technology exchange has been established specifically in order to display the newest scientific inventions in college through the exhibition, and invites noted universities across the strait. A “future pavilion” with the area of 2,000 m² is also set in the intelligent manufacturing exhibition area to present the latest research results and products of intelligent manufacturing in college.

The success of this year‘s Expo is expected to increase the communication and cooperation of top intelligent technology, provide optimal solution for manufacturing, improve the development of manufacturing industry and contribute to the achievement of Industry 4.0 in China’s manufacturing industry.
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