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Luo Huaijia Sends Message to XMIE: Holds the Initiative of Wise Automation

2017-04-14 09:37:00 Source: News Center


      “In the past, China Xiamen Machinery and Electronics Exhibition focused on the extension of local market. Now that the mainland puts forward the idea of Belt and Road and the initiative of Free Trade Zone, CXMEE upgrades to XMIE, which not only for Xiamen but also radiates Fujian Province, even as far as Southeast Asia and the west. In this respect, the exhibition of Xiamen is on the top of this list,” said Luo Huaijia, deputy secretary general of TEEMA, in an exclusive interview of a morning paper.

      He emphasized that, wise automation of the upgrade and transition of industry is the key point in the process of the resurrection of industrial production over the whole nation. The upgraded XMIE, with wise automation as its principal axis, focus on the strategy of Made in China 2015, follows the tendency of Internet Plus and sticks to current situation of industry development across straits.

      “The Reindustrialization put forward by America and the Industry 4.0 by the Europe actually have the same core as the strategy of Made in China 2015, and they all follow the important trend of the development of automation industry. Targeting at this trend, XMIE invites world high supply chains to take part in the exhibition, including leading producer in Taiwan.” Luo Huaijia said that, “we are not chasing form behind; instead, we are in the leading position. Our XMIE is to make our voice in the field of wise automation, and if you want to know the trend of this aspect, you must take part in XMIE in Xiamen.”

      In terms of the Free Trade Zone of Fujian Province that concerns businessman from Taiwan most, he believed that, it depended on the physical measures and policies. He maintained that, only if the preferential policy were big enough will it attracted people. The test site of the Free Trade Zone should targeted open to the industry from Taiwan, for instance, car networking and electrocar. Free Trade Zone provided opportunities for Taiwan, as well as challenges, and some good industries can get optimized trough the policy of the test site of Free Trade Zone.

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