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Chiang Pin-kung: XMIE Offers Platform, Promote Complementary across Straits

2017-04-14 09:30:00 Source: News Center

           Chiang Pin-kung, former president of Strait Exchange Foundation, president of The Third Wednesday Club and president of Across Strait Economic and Trade and Cultural Exchange Association, arrived at the exhibition hall early this morning. Although he is already 85 years old, he continues devoting himself to the cause of across straits communication.

“The economic communication across straits and the investment of Taiwan businessman accelerates the pace of economic development across straits, and I am very glad that I witness and play a role in the development.” During his tenure as president of Strait Exchange Foundation, he positively pushed forward the establishment of institutionalized cooperation mechanism across straits, signed 18 cooperation agreements including ECFA, and witnessed the realization of the Three Direct Link. He said that, those 18 cooperation agreements greatly promote the mobilization of people and resources across straits and create enormous business opportunity and wealth across straits.

This session of CMIE welcomes his participation as a member of his group. “The participation of more than 1000 producers, among which 200 producers are Taiwan businessman, including those who are in mainland, indicates that XMIE and the Economic and Trade Forum have laid the foundation of industry cooperation across straits.”

      Chiang Pin-kung said that, “Although Taiwan is facing the problem of population decline and population aging, its biotechnology, information industry and internet are developing rapidly. The forum and XMIE actually offer a great opportunity to solving such question as how to complement each other’s advantages across straits to face those challenges and how to find a better way for cooperation.
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