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XMIE Establishes the Exhibition Hall of Future, High and New Technology Draws the Attention of the Present Audience

2017-04-13 15:19:00 Source: News Center

    The 3D Printers of clay, which has solved the problems of the traditional pottery manufacture techniques including high requirement, long consuming and low efficiency, fundamentally drives the innovation on ceramic crafts and technologies; embedded finger vein recognition, which takes the advantage of the features of finger vein recognition technology, namely uniqueness, veracity and security, can realize the authentication in an easy and convenient way through the detection of Ministry of Public Security. Yesterday, the Future Hall of 2017 XMIE, which has the theme of intelligence manufacturing, exhibited the excellent products made from many Xiamen’s talent corporations that were organized and connected by the High-Level Talent Development Center of the Organization Department of Xiamen Municipal Party Committee, attracting the attention of many purchasing agents and the audience present there. Reporter learned that, the High-Level Talent Development Center of the Organization Department of Xiamen Municipal Party Committee makes fully use of platform function of XMIE to organize and connect many excellent talent corporations to take part in the exhibition, for instance, Xiamen Toyonway Intellectual Technology Co. Ltd, one of the Double Hundred enterprises in Xiamen, 3D Maker, Heid Star, many exhibitors of CIFIT including RANT, RoboSpace and Huaway IOT Technology, as well as many platform for product-study-research cooperation and entrepreneurship including Tsinghua Channel Institution and First Maker Base. All those exhibitions are combined to promote the communication of product-study-research corporations, provide services of public welfare and professionalization to step up the development of talents and innovation of corporation, and help those achievements of connotation and entrepreneurship to open a wilder market.

      The 3D Printer of pottery invented by 3D Maker makes its first appearance in the exhibition of XMIE, catching the eyes of merchants and many masters from Fujian and Jiangxi Province. Song Pei, vice general manager of 3D Maker, told the reporter that, it’s impossible for the traditional pottery manufacture technology to make the pottery absolutely symmetrical, since the model needs to be artificially made. However, the 3D Printer of pottery can send the information through computer to the printer, which solved the problems of long consuming and low efficiency, making it possible for mass production of different shaped pottery. By the end of this month, they will bring those new technologies to attend an exhibition in German, taking them out of the country.

      Zhu Yi, general manager of Xiamen Toyonway Intellectual Technology Co. Ltd, said that, they will take advantage of this exhibition to dock with manufacturing enterprises of CNC machine tools, extend new technologies and expand the market of high and new technology.
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