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The speech at the news conference of the 2017 Xiamen Industry Exposition

2017-04-12 16:30:00 Source: CMIE


     1. The merchants from across the straits gather in Egret Island, play together the symphony of industry development
This session of Xiamen Industry Exposition will continue to win the great concern and wide participation of celebrities from all walk of life. The important guests from home that will attend this conference includes: Wang Liaopin, president of AETATS, Chen Zhituan, vice president of AETATS, Li Rongmin, director of Taipei office of CCCME, Gao Zongyin, honorary president of China Industrial Cooperation Association and Song Xiaogang, vice president of CCCME. The important guests from abroad includes: Jiang Binkun, former chairman of Strait Exchange Foundation, president of Taiwan The Third Wednesday Club and president of Cross Strait Economic and Trade and Cultural Exchange Association, Guo Taiqiang, chairman of TEEMA, Dai Liangchuan, honorary president of TCOC, and Gao Wencheng, Secretary of cross strait economic and trade and cultural exchange association as well as many great celebrities from Taiwan’s economic and commercial communities.
      In order to achieve more actual effect, the committee has paid more attention to the invitation of more influential business chambers and associations both in mainland China and Taiwan. Moreover, it has actively tried new patterns in inviting trade visitors, innovations in attracting investment, and . As a result, these works have make some achievements. By the noon of 11th this month, there has been dozens of oversea industrial and commercial groups and organizations attending the Exposition including Taiwan The Third Wednesday Club, Cross-Straits Common Market Foundation, Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacture’s Association, Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry, Taiwan Federation of Industry and World Trade Center Taizhong. Meanwhile, it receives many trade visitor groups from more than ten countries and regions, such as America, Germany, Japan, Brazil, Korea, Israel, Hong Kong and Macao. Additionally, many domestic organizations and business chambers and associations from several provinces and cities will also attend the Exhibition in groups including Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region, Hubei province, Jilin province, Anhui province, Shijiazhuang, Dalian, Dongguan, Longyan. It is estimated that more than 40,000 offshore professional trade visitors will attend the Exhibition to enjoy the infinite opportunities for business together in the economic and commercial cooperation across the Taiwan Straits.

      2. high-end elements are gathered in exhibition, intelligent manufacturing is shining brilliantly.
The area for exhibition is 85,000 m² with 4,000 standard booths and five specialty areas for machine tools and equipment, rubber industry, industrial mould, Taiwan enterprises and laser equipment. Xiamen Advertising and Printing Exhibit, Xiamen International Intelligent manufacturing Exhibit and Xiamen International Construction Machinery Exhibit will be held at the same time. Firstly, this session of Xiamen Industry Exposition still remain attractive for a great number of well-known brands and leading corporations. Many of them in various industries will exhibit with the most advanced technology, including GRACO from America, OTC and Panasonic from Japan, Fair Friend, Hartford, and Tongtai from Taiwan, Beijing JINGDIAO, Jiangsu Yawei and Weepal. Among them, Fair Friend, the manufacturing giant in Taiwan has been attending the Exhibition for several years. This year, they broaden the scale of exhibit to the area of about 300㎡. Han's Laser Technology Industry Group, the leader in its industry, has participated the Exhibition for 17 years, and it will present the 3D weld robots and other series products in its exhibition area of nearly 500m². The biggest 3D printing company, the America 3D System will also bring its most advanced 3D printing system for exhibit. Secondly, the 2017 Xiamen International Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition will be held during the exhibition with total area of 12,000 m² and over 500 booths. Around 200 prestigious industrial robot and automation companies at home and abroad will exhibit their high and new technology, robots and other cutting-edge products. In addition, in order to display the newest scientific inventions in college through exhibition, there will be a platform particularly for college-enterprise collaboration and technological exchange mainly inviting famous universities across the Taiwan Strait. Meanwhile, a “future pavilion” is set up in intelligent manufacturing area to exhibit the latest research work and products. It attracts Zhejiang University, National Taiwan University, Strait Research Institute of Tsinghua University and other university and research institutions. Among them, the exhibitors from National Taiwan University are led by professor Ren C. Luo, the authority winning the international fame in the field of Taiwan robot and automation to promote the development of industry-university-research collaboration.

       3. The forum is leading the development of wisdom, and the cooperation across the strait is embracing another climax.
This year the committee is planning a series of forum and seminar activities closely related to the cross-strait hotspot issues such as the commercial and industrial cooperation. Activities includes:
First, the Cross-Straits Economy and Trade Forum. The committee together with the Association of Economy and Trade Across Taiwan Straits and the Cross Strait Common Market Foundation will continue to host the Forum of the Economy and Trade Across Taiwan Straits this year which aims at the theme of “Cross-straits Join Hands to Create New Intelligent Manufacturing Advantages”. Then, the celebrities attending the forum include Jiang Bingkun, chairman of the Association of Economy, Trade and Culture Across Taiwan Straits; Wang Liaoping, president of Cross-Straits Common Market Foundation; Guo Taiqiang, director general of the Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association; Wang Liaoping, chairman of the Association of Economy and Trade Across Taiwan Straits; Song Xiaogang, vice-chairman of China Machinery Industry Federation; Qu Daokui, president of Siasun. Moreover, famous experts and scholars in business and academy across the strait will come together to give lectures on advice on the development and cooperation between mainland and Taiwan.
         Second, the mechanical and electronic seminar. The Exhibition will focus on the and lead the direction of development of the industry. Centered on the theme of mechanical and electronic industry and closely related to the new hotspots and trends in current development, we will hold a series of professional forums and seminars, which include: the 2017 Industry Forum of the Intelligent Automation Across the Strait held by the committee together with China Chamber of Import and Export for Machinery and Electronic Products and Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association. On that occasion, the authorities in the field of robots across the strait will analyze the tendency of industry, the technology integration and the exemplifications. Purposing on creating a new and practical platform for innovation and business startups in new era, the Thousand-person Forum of 2017 Xiamen Innovation and Entrepreneurship Sharing Meeting will be held by Xiamen National Development and Reform Commission and other related departments around the theme of “grasp the advanced opportunity and develop the innovation of entity economy”. Additionally, the committee will hold the Cross-Straits Industry Cooperation Summit, 2017 Intelligent Manufacturing Development Forum and 2017 XMIE Mould Industry Intelligent Manufacturing Summit Forum. With these event, we will together look into the future of the development of Industry and Information Technology across the strait.
          Third, the Cross-straits Ecological Economy Summit and other activities. During the Exhibition, a series of seminar, introduction, and news conference in terms of new technology, new products and new techniques in machinery and electronic industry will be hosted, such as 2017 West Strait LED Industrial Technology Innovation Forum, New Thinking Leaders’ Summit and Industrial Robot (Intelligent Manufacturing) Vocational Education Seminar. These activities will establish a consequential platform for enterprises across the strait to publish the latest technological and industrial information, and work on the effect of introduction.

       4. Capital industries integrate efficiently, and facilitate the enterprises to excavate new opportunities.In order to promote the professional standard and actual effect, and bring more efficient and valuable service for attendees and trade visitors, this year’s Exhibition will launch two strongly targeted project matchmaking symposia combining with the market demand and investment trend across the Taiwan strait. One is the Cross-straits Investment and Trade Project Matchmaking Conference. The XMIE committee will continue to hold the specific investment and trade matchmaking Symposia with Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association. The activity aims at providing an efficient platform for matchmaking and cooperation between Taiwan buyers, investors and mainland factories, project managers. There will be 30 buyers and investors from Taiwan communicating with over 100 mainland suppliers and merchants, involving the industries of machine and electronic, instrument and control, auto parts and electronic business. Another is the Machinery and Electronic Products Releasing Matchmaking Conference. For more opportunities of presentation and advertising for exhibitors, the Exhibition plans to give the new product introduction conference targeting at industrial robots, machine tools and equipment, construction machine opto-electronics and other industries. It will better meet the need of exhibitors at home and abroad as well as the trade visitors to direct the market orientation of new products. The third one is hosting a series of matchmaking activities. During the conference, the organizing committee will also hold 2017 Cross-straits Optoelectronics Industry Scientific and Technological Achievements Matchmaking Conference, 2017 Xiamen LED Supply Ecological Chain Matchmaking Conference, Fujian Printing Association Annual Meeting, Huoerguosi Economic Development Zone Investment Promotion Presentation, Industrial Intelligent Selection-S600 Electrostatic Powder Spray Gun System and “Hardox® and Duroxite™ Wear-resistant Products” Technology Promotion Conference.

       5. Exert the Combined effect of leading enterprises to drive the development of industry.
This year’s XMIE will further exert its function of combining high-end industrial elements and develop the role of Xiamen as the regional leading city, promote the industry development in surrounding cities, facilitate the industry transformation and upgrading and consequently form a positively developing future  with regional resource sharing, mutual advantages and win-win cooperation. Longyan will exhibit its “Longyan pavilion” as usual to present the circumstance of its machinery and electronic industry and investment environment. Led by the municipal leaders, the group from Zhangzhou also attend the Exhibition in . Meanwhile, business institutes from Xinjiang, Hubei, Anhui, Jilin, Dalian, Shenyang, Shenzhen, Dongguan and other places also send groups to attend the Exhibition. Among them, Xinjiang Department of Commence of Xinjiang organizes a great amount of regions to join in the Exhibition, such as Urumqi, Yining, Jeminay, Khorgos and East Junggar Basin. Assisted by the Exhibition, they are looking forward to explore business opportunities and attract more investment.

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